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Pet Funnies

They say that animals do the funniest things, here you can judge for yourself as we invite you to watch comical videos of potty pooches, crazy cats and bonkers bunnies. Better still, if you have footage of your pets having a mad moment, you can post your very own Youtube video right here. Once videos are submitted they will be sent for approval before appearing on the website.

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The Videos

OgrZ5Dtsi-E Play
Boston Terrier dog likes his belly tickled! Funny face ~ CUTE! (Original)
1uYK955Egkk Play
Ask Jupiter 2 - The Talking Cat is Back
7ltcWcwnPfY Play
Cat Playing "I Spy"
fWPNKI24LFs Play
Dog growls at his own leg
FzRH3iTQPrk Play
The Sneezing Baby Panda
-qPGHn4iHKk Play
Ask Jupiter - Talking Cat Answers Your Questions
_c8alr9aF2g Play
Chihuahua's Escape - The Translation
3bhSPehDrF4 Play
Car Blows Cat's Mind - The Translation